NEBULA Plus is the extension of NEBULA detector at RIKEN Beam Factory (Japan).

NEBULA is a large volume plastic scintillator array, which is used to measure fast neutrons at 100-300MeV, emitted at forward directions in Coulomb/nuclear breakup and other reactions at the SAMURAI beam line. NEBULA is designed to attain high detection efficiency, large acceptance, sufficient position and velocity resolution, and multi-neutron detection capability. It was successfully commissioned in March 2012.

NEBULA Plus is its extension. It doubles the number of detection layer, which almost double the one neutron detection efficiency and increase by almost one order of magnitude the four neutron detection efficiency. NEBULA Plus is a Franco-Japanese collaboration, founded by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR), a French institution tasked with funding scientific research. This extension has been install at SAMURAI in autumn 2022.

This website is dedicated to the international collaboration that will be able to find there necessary information for its use and its analysis.